About The Blog

About The Blog

Hi, I’m Sophie Anna.12806150_10153472915786194_1454188789484119769_n

I started this blog as I know many people out there, like me, want to be happy. Now, I am not the perfect girl and I do not lead a perfect life. I’m 27, single, living with my parents – not exactly the dream. However, I strongly believe EVERYONE has the right to be happy! I want to share ideas, experiences and knowledge that can help EVERYONE achieve this. Now, I do consider myself a happy person (not I’ve found enlightenment and now I’m sitting crossed legged on a mountain top kinda happy, just generally happy). Its not always been that way, there have been times when I’ve felt I can’t face the world, times I’ve felt the world is on my shoulders. But, now I feel more confident and resilient. I want to share how I made this change and I want to keep making changes in my life that will help me to become a happier healthier person . 

I’m not here to sell you the idea of a wonderful life but try and answer some questions, such as, what makes us happy? What can we do to become more happy? What can we do when times are tough? So this blog has two main aims;

1.Searching and testing out ‘Happiness Hacks’ – Things everyone can do to make themselves become a happier and healthier person.

2. Sharing experiences – I want to share my story and experiences with you but most of all I want to hear about yours!