My First Yoga Class

My First Yoga Class

   “It’s kinda like ringing yourself out like an old cloth….In a good way”


I’ve never tried Yoga. It seemed to be there only for the ‘perfect’ people – the ones who get up early for a jog, drink only refined herbal tea and don’t have hair that just decides become a birds nest whenever it wants . So not me. But, I chose to start Yoga mainly because it was difficult for me to get to a place to go climbing (my exercise of choice) so I thought that because Yoga works on strength and balance then at least when I can start climbing again I won’t be starting at square one. So I got my stuff together and heading down to the Yoga class.

Whenever I go somewhere new I always feel that once I get there everyone will stare at me and ask what the hell I think doing there. I felt no different on this occasion – except that the people would be staring at me while in various contorted positions .

However this (unsurprisingly) was not the case. Everyone was so friendly at I wasn’t even nervous when I got there. The super skinny, super flexible imaginary people I had labelled in my mind as ‘Yogarist’ were replaces by a group of ordinary everyday people – young, old, unfit, super fit, men, woman – just everyone (not one Gwyneth Paltrow in site).

The session began (with calming music playing in the back ground of course) with gentle stretches. As the session went on the stretches got a little hard (but not by much) and you can bend or stretch as much as you want depending on your ability. Looking around the room I saw that everyone else wasn’t tying themselves into eloquent knots, and that actually everyone was at different abilities. But, it didn’t matter what everyone else was doing because you are so involved in what you are doing you forget that there are other people there. I also didn’t fart – something I was scared about after hearing so many jokes in films and on TV about it.

At the end of the session I was really proud of myself – not because I’d managed to complete the class but for getting myself down there and doing something – for braving the looks of ‘Why are you here?’ even though they only existed in my head.

I really enjoyed the class and I’ve been a few more times now – No, I haven’t found enlightenment or my inner peace (yet). I just like the feeling of my muscles having a good old stretch – it’s kinda like ringing yourself out like an old cloth….but in a good way.

So here’s what I learnt

  • If you go somewhere new your likely to be welcomed
  • Don’t listen to that inner voice that says everyone is going to be an expert  – because its very likely wrong, and so what ifs its right? It’s not about them – it’s about you!
  • Trying something new feels good
  • Yoga doesn’t make you fart


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