5 films that are guaranteed to get you sobbing

5 films that are guaranteed to get you sobbing

It may be strange to be writing about films which will make you cry on a blog focused on making you happy, but there is method in the madness – so stay with me. I love a good ol’ cry at times and studies have shown that bubbling at a movie can actually be good for us! After sweeping at our favorite weepy we can experience a positive ‘Mood Boost’ – this may be due to crying being a release of emotion, it doesn’t mean we have to feel down to watch a ‘tearjerker’ but any underlying feelings of frustration or stress get released. These films also help us connect with something outside of our own world – we get to cry in sympathy and sentiment which can help us feel good too. They can also help us appreciate what’s important to us, after watching No 2 you’re gonna call your Mum – Fact!

So here are my 5 films to get you sobbing:

1. Life Is Beautiful

The 1997 Oscar winner that will break your heart and will stay with you always. You watch as Guido, a hopelessly romantic Jewish book keeper, falls in love and starts a family in war time Italy. Though the film you see his determination to provide and protect his family as they face the horror of the Holocaust. It is a genius blend of romance, comedy and tragedy.

Watch if you cried at: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

2. Stepmom

I have watched this film about 200 times and after each viewing  – I.am.a.MESS! The story centres around Anna, a pre-teen struggling to accept her parents’ divorce and subsequently her father’s relationship with his girlfriend Isabel (Julia Roberts). The, often turbulent, relationships between Mother and daughter, stepmom and stepdaughter and ex-wife and new girlfriend are explored in a true and heartfelt way. If this wasn’t enough to get the tears rolling Anna’s Mother receives a sudden diagnoses of cancer which shifts the dynamics of this dysfunctional family.

Watch if you cried at: ……..Just go call your Mum.

3. Iris

This film explores the inner workings of real love in the face of dementia. This is the true story of  Iris Murrdock (Judi Dench/Kate Winslet), novelist and all round inspiration, and her Husband John Bayley (Jim Broadbent). The film flicks between their past as a young couple and their present fight against Irises developing dementia. We are allowed to see Iris as a free sprinted, strong willed, intelligent woman in the prime of her life and career, and as a lost soul losing her sense of self and memories. The really heartbreak is in the deterioration of this long standing relationship, as John slowly loses the love of his life.

Watched if you cried at: The Notebook (though I thought this film was ‘meh’ – I have been told I have no heart for having that opinion though)

4. Saving Mr. Banks

I did not expect to be crying at this film! And yet there I was blubbing my eyes out! This could just have been a story about an uppity English author, P.L. Travers, not wanting Walt Disney to turn her children’s book, Mary Poppins, into the magical film we know and love today. BUT ITS NOT……yes that is the whole backbone of the story but this film does so much more.  At first P.L.T seems a cold hearted woman but then we get to explore her upbringing and suddenly we start to understand her strict and controlling ways. This is character development at its finest and with Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks in the leading roles you know it’s gonna be a winner.

Watch if you cried at: Philomena (another Judi classic) or Nebraska (an award winning film which explores the relationship between a elderly father and his son)


5.  The first 5 Minutes of ‘Oliver & Company ’

You will experience all the tears!! What about the first 5 minutes of ‘UP’ I hear you cry! Sorry but no. This is what gets me every time (though to be fair, in films, I often care about animals way more than humans..is that just me??). You may not have heard of ‘Oliver and Company’ as it’s not really one of the Disney ‘Classics’. Its Disney’s take on Oliver Twist (if you hadn’t guessed) but instead Oliver is a kitten. This first part is a HEARTBREAKER! He gets abandoned in rain! He’s nearly washed into the sewer! He gets chased by dogs! Get on YouTube and watch it – guaranteed tears!

Watch if you cried at: The Fox and the Hound (though I’ve never actually been able to muster the courage to watch this film)

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